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雨降 杉山流純米・亀の尾

Afuri - KAME-JI - ‘Kame no O | Sugiyamaryu’ Junmai (Limited Stock)

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吉川釀造 Kikkawa Jozo
銘柄 Brand
酒藏 Brewery
原產地 Place of Origin
產品類別 Category
原料米 Sake Rice 之尾
精米步合 Rice Polishing Ratio 90%
酒精濃度 Alcohol Content 15%
釀造特色 Characteristics 天然酵母|低溫釀造

*** 溫馨提示 Friendly Reminder:由於貨源供應緊張,下單前請先以WhatsApp查詢貨存,謝謝。 Please contact us by WhatsApp before placing an order since the stock is very limited, thanks.

建議存放在冰箱裏。Strongly recommend storing in the fridge.

因每個人之間都有味覺差異,故本網站的風味描述及飲食建議不一定符合每個人的實際飲用感覺和體驗,僅供參考。The flavour descriptions and dietary recommendations on this website may not correspond to the actual taste and experience of each individual, as each individual has a different palate.

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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.